Inverter Generators for Businesses: The Superior Choice for Backup Power

The development of inverter generators represents the most significant advance in backup power generation in years and provides business owners with a superior opportunity to protect against losses that could otherwise be the result of power outages. Hereís why:

  • Inverter generators provide clean power ñ In the context of generators, clean power refers to electricity that is delivered on a relatively constant wavelength, versus the potential for the wide fluctuations that are the signature of raw power produced by traditional generators. While raw power and the wavelength fluctuations that accompany it is suitable for running non-computerized tools, equipment and appliances, wide variances in wavelength can damage and/or hinder the performance of computers and any other electronic components that run on vulnerable semi-conductors.
  • Protection of sensitive medical devices ñ For any businesses or care facilities that run sensitive medical devices, wide wavelength variations are not acceptable for both the machines and the people who rely on them. The electricity delivered on a constant wavelength will enable steady device performance without stressing the circuitry inside the device.
  • Scalability ñ As businesses grow, so does their demand for powering additional computers, lighting, equipment, etc. To meet increased backup power requirements, an inverter generator can be sequenced with a second via a parallel operation kit. The parallel operation of two generators can double power output at a lower expense than replacing an existing unit with one that has greater output.
  • Quiet power output ñ Running traditional generators in close proximity to other businesses, such as in a strip mall or office complex, can become a nuisance due to noise emissions. Inverter generators offer a solution to noise issues with an advanced alternator that facilitates the adjustment of the engineís speed according to changing demand levels, which results in significantly lower decibel levels while in operation.

Increasing computerization and the use of sensitive electronic devices is increasing the importance of clean power from inverter generators. Additionally, inverter generators are more affordable than ever, making them a superior choice for the provision of backup power for businesses.


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