Honda Power Equipment carries full lines on all of Honda’s Power Equipment products. Each category is known for Honda’s legendary reliability, power performance, and durability making them the preferred choice for professional and commercial users around the world. Honda’s products are all engineered to the most exacting standards and built with top quality components to ensure high level performance year in and year out.

Honda’s Power Equipment products available at include:

* Honda Generators – offers Honda generators for protecting homes and businesses from power outages, providing power for all kinds of outdoor recreation, and commercial/industrial use. The Honda generator line can meet every power requirement from large to small and is the only choice when going without power is not an option. With Honda generators from it is a certainty that power generation needs will be met with energy efficient and quiet reliability.

* Honda Lawn Mowers – Honda Lawn Mowers are built to commercial landscaping standards, meaning that they can handle jobs from the backyard to everyday commercial use. Honda lawnmowers have long been considered the leader in the field by professionals for delivering durable, reliable, quiet, and fuel efficient performance. By incorporating advanced engineering, using only the highest quality components, and cutting edge designs Honda has built the industry standard for lawn care. Honda’s mowers consistently do the job while meeting the toughest emission regulations in the country.

* Honda Lawn and Garden Equipment – Honda’s tillers and trimmers available at can handle any sized job ranging from residential maintenance to commercial projects. Honda’s lawn and garden equipment is engineered and designed to the highest commercial standards possible resulting in trimmers and garden tillers which will provide durability, dependability, and performance every time.

* Honda Pumps – Honda’s pump products have become the professional’s choice because of their legendary reliability, durability, and powerful performance for all types of jobs in every type of condition. The pumps are engineered to the highest standards in each category and deliver more power than other pumps of the same weight and size. The line of Honda pumps found at is the professionals’ choice for jobs ranging from household size to the largest commercial projects.

Honda’s Power Equipment is built to the highest standards in each category, making each one the choice of professionals and consumers around the world. For more information on Honda’s line of power equipment visit or call (877) 837 2648.


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