Factors that Make Buying a Standby Generator an Easy Call

With extended blackouts caused by extreme weather becoming a fact of life in many regions of the country, putting backup power generation in place is now becoming a priority for both homeowners and business owners. The issue now at hand is that blackouts, which in the past were primarily considered as brief inconveniences, are now lasting for weeks due to increasingly damaging storms that wreak havoc on an electrical grid that is growing less resilient by the day.

In the cases of super storm Sandy in October of 2012 and the massive blizzard that hit the northeast four months later, the interruption of power in the hardest hit areas lasted about two weeks. Residents in the areas that lost power during these periods reacted by moving out, hunkering down, or seeking available shelter until power came back. Businesses in these same areas were either shut down, operated at minimum capacity, or had employees work from remote locations until they could re-open under full power. For both residents and businesses, the disruption of power was a traumatic ordeal that seemed to drag on for an eternity. Meanwhile, residents and businesses that had standby generators in place were able to resume day to day life, at least in terms of being able to power essential appliances, heating, computers, telecommunications systems, etc.

Residential and business owners that are trying to decide whether now is the time to buy a standby generator need only to ask themselves a handful of questions to determine the best way to go. These questions include:

* Is it possible for another extended power outage to occur in the area where I live or own a business? Some regions are experiencing long blackouts on a yearly basis, making the answer to this question an easy one.
* Am I and those around me willing to endure another blackout that lasts several days to two weeks? This is a personal decision but pay particular attention if the medical condition of a household member is in question.
* Can my business withstand another extended shutdown? There are a lot of business risks out there already but being shut down during an emergency is one of the major ones.

The answers to these three questions can make the decision to put in a standby generator an easy call. Additionally, with power outages occurring more frequently and for longer durations, making that call becomes even easier.


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