Recreation, Emergencies, Portable and Standby Generators

Recreation, Emergencies, Portable and Standby Generators

Getting multiple uses out of a generator is a great way to maximize your investment in backup electricity but several factors should be considered before making a decision on whether to go with portable or standby power generation.

These factors include:

* The consequences of a sudden loss of power – Power outages never happen at the right time and often occur at the worst time possible. If a sudden loss of power is going bring some serious trouble in terms of medical issues, loss of computerized work, or stoppage of home-based business operations, a standby generator will be the best choice because of the automatic transfer of power generation to the backup unit.
* The duration of power outages – Big storms have knocked out power for durations of up to two weeks in multiple regions around the country over the last several years. If you live in an area that is prone to major storms and extended blackouts, a standby generator that draws fuel from a natural gas line can deliver power until electricity from the grid returns.
* Whether putting a portable generator in place during an outage is feasible – Some portable generators are stored in shelters so that they’re ready to go if the power goes down but in most cases need to be rolled into place, hooked up, and then started before they can power up appliances and light the house. If some manual labor prior to starting backup power is feasible, a portable generator may suffice.
* Intended recreational uses – If you are planning to use your generator for recreational uses and don’t need to be concerned with emergency situations, a portable generator will be the best choice. The versatility of portable generators makes them suitable for a wide variety of activities ranging from camping to powering an outdoor birthday party.
* The household budget – Standby generators, due to higher power output, are typically more expensive than portable generators. If the household budget can’t cover the cost of a standby generator, a portable generator can be housed in a shelter so that it only needs to be connected to appliances and lighting if there is a power failure. The portable can then be pulled out for recreational activities as well.

Making sure a generator meets your needs just requires a little bit of advanced planning. Run through the factors listed above and you’ll be able to make the right decision for the specifics of your lifestyle.


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