Bad Weather, an Aging Grid, and Honda Generators

As recently as last summer, severe storms followed by an intense heat wave left millions of people without power, with some outages lasting for a week or longer. As it has happened before, extended power outages can literally change daily routines and, in certain circumstances, become life threatening. Taken for granted when the delivery of power is constant and undisturbed, its sudden absence makes people realize how much we as a society depend on the 24/7/365 availability of electricity.

The major factors in these extended outages are:

•    The U.S. power grid operates on equipment and technology that is almost half a century old.
•    Severe storms bringing higher wind speeds, snow loads, and precipitation are occurring on a more frequent basis.
•    Higher demand levels for power as society digitizes everything from homework starting in elementary school to the offering and sales of real estate.
•    The process of bringing the grid up to present day standards has been bogged down for over a decade as utilities and state and federal government agencies bicker over the finer points of paying for the necessary upgrades and other issues.

While all of these factors look like they will continue and potentially intensify, the issue for homeowners and businesses alike is how to cope with power outages that can range from inconvenient to costly and/or life threatening, especially with winter approaching. In this environment, an increasing number of home and business owners are finding backup power solutions with the extensive line of Honda generators. Ranging from their versatile portable generators to their durable and reliable standby models, Honda generators offer so many options and output levels that they can provide a solution for almost any purpose.

For minimal power needs, Honda’s portable generators deliver enough backup power to run a major appliance, smaller appliances, and provide limited lighting. Honda’s larger standby generators have the output capacity to run multiple major appliances and, at the top end of output capacity, can power an entire home. Making the choice between these two categories and the specific generator that delivers the best solution comes down to determining output needs as well as some other considerations.

For more information on finding the right solution in Honda generators for your home or business needs, visit:


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