Top Ten Things a New Homeowner Needs

Congratulations, you got the loan, purchased a new home and moved in all your stuff. Along with this major purchase, you’ve picked up a laundry list of “things to do” in order to get your new place in working order. No matter where your new house may be, you will need a few standard essentials whether you live in a huge suburban neighborhood or on a 10 acre ranch. If this is your first home, these purchases will be an investment that is well worth the money.

Necessities for a first time homeowner include:

1. Tool kit – It cannot be emphasized enough how many times you’ll bring this bad boy out, especially on your first move-in day. They usually come in a handheld box and run about $20 in most superstores.

2. Appliances – Of course you have the standard refrigerator, washer and dryer, but people tend to forget some very important smaller appliances. Things such as: clocks, lamps, a stereo, a microwave oven, a vacuum cleaner and coffee maker are usually staples in most homes.

3. Garden supplies – These are essentials for every home. Even if you don’t plan on using your green thumb, you will need to cut the grass and maintain your yard often. A lawnmower is a definite must along with a sturdy shovel for those pesky weeds and shrubs. Don’t forget a rake, hose and shears either. Be sure to cover your outdoor equipment to prevent weather damage if you don’t have a dry area to store them.

4. Furniture – Although this one is obvious, people tend to forget the little things. Make sure you’ve created a list for every room before you go shopping or you’ll end up making several trips.

5. Bathroom essentials – Of course you’ll get all the supplies for the bathroom eventually, but please save yourself the time and embarrassment by buying toilet paper and hand soap before you even start to unpack.

6. Smoke alarms – One of the first things you should install in your new house. These are absolutely necessary, lifesaving and relatively cheap, about $5-$10 each.

7. Winter equipment – In warmer climates a snow shovel should suffice, but other areas of consistent winter snow should invest in a snowblower. A snowblower is a great investment that will pay for itself with the many hours you save from back-breaking labor.

8. Generator – This purchase can save you time and money. Many people don’t see a generator as a necessity during a blackout, but when the food in the refrigerator is on the fast track to expiration and your cellphone is about to die, you’ll wish you had a back-up power system.

9. First aid kit – Unfortunately, we don’t think about this item until it’s too late. So when you move into your new house make sure you get a standard first aid kit including gauze, bandages, antibiotic ointment, shears and all the necessities if an accident were to happen.

10. Miscellaneous – A few other things that should be in your home, but you would never think of are a quality ladder, outdoor grill, and trash bins. Some homes may also need a submersible pump for drainage or sewage.

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