Choosing the Best of the Honda Generators for your Needs

eu6500isa - Honda GeneratorChoosing the best of the Honda generators for your needs starts with answering a few questions about your potential energy requirements during an extended power outage. These answers can help define the amount of electrical output you’ll need to power the essential appliances and devices in your home as well as the best type of generator to buy.

Start by answering these questions:

• What is your budget? This answer will narrow your search immediately, especially if you have limited funds.
• If funds are limited, develop a bare bones plan for life supporting appliances, such as heating in the winter and air conditioning in the summer.
• What are the essential appliances, lights, medical devices, etc. that would need to be powered during an outage. Life support devices should obviously occupy the top of this list.
• What appliances will have to run simultaneously? Lights, electrical heating (or air conditioning during a heat wave), and refrigeration would be likely candidates. Some of these appliances will require one circuit while the larger one might require two. The number of the total circuits that must be used at the same time will be an important factor in determining the right generator.
• Do you have a home-based business that would need to operate during an outage? List the equipment and the wattage required to power the business.
• Take an accounting of the wattage used in total for all appliances that will be powered by the generator as well as those that will likely be on for the duration of a power outage. This will define the size of the generator and the minimum amount of output necessary to power the appliances you’ll need during a blackout.
• Local fuel sources – Be sure that the generator you choose uses a fuel that is readily available in your area. Honda generators are gas powered so this point is usually not an issue. Additionally, if there is a natural gas line to the house it can also be used to supply fuel to a standby generator.

Once this list of answers is compiled, talk to a professional who can provide guidance on getting the best generator for your needs. To speak to a professional for more information on Honda generators, visit:


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