Snowblower Mistakes that Can Lead to Big Trouble

Snow removal, especially with latest versions of Honda snowblowers, can be a relatively simple process as long as operating, maintenance and safety procedures are followed. Trouble can occur, however, when proper procedures are ignored or shortcuts are taken to save what amounts to a couple of minutes or a few dollars. When trouble arrives, the actions taken for a small benefit can often be costly and/or put the operator’s health and property in danger. Here are some of the most common operating, maintenance, safety mistakes followed by tips that can keep you safe while maximizing the performance of your Honda snowblower:

Operation and Safety

* Working on a clogged chute while the engine runs – With the engine running, removing the object that has jammed the chute will put the machinery back in action and you don’t want anything to do with that. Instead, turn off the engine and wait until it is fully at rest. Then dislodge the clog with a stick, broom handle, metal rod, etc.
* Working on areas that make it tough to control the snowblower – Conditions such as ice and uneven terrain can challenge an operator’s control of the snowblower. This can be dangerous and make a snow removal job a lot more difficult than it would be with a machine that’s easier to handle. Instead, before buying you snowblower, assess the areas where you’ll be removing snow and buy the model (wheel or track) that best suits the job.


* Leaving filters and oil in way beyond their functional life – Properly maintain your Honda snowblower may not be the first thing on your mind but a little bit of care will go a long way. Change air filters after 25 hours of use or once per season and check the oil after 10 – 12 hours of use. Oil should be emptied from the snowblower at the end of the season and replenished at the start of the next.
* Leaving fuel in the tank when the snowblower goes into storage at the end of the season – Fuel that sits in the tank will thicken and clog the carburetor when the snowblower comes out of storage for the next season. This can be prevented by emptying the tank or adding a fuel stabilizer prior to off-season storage.

With Honda’s legendary snowblower line, proper use and a little maintenance will deliver easy snow removal with a machine that lasts for years to come. For more information on Honda snowblowers, visit:


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