The Three Types of Households When the Power Goes Down

The high winds, rain and snow of winter are approaching, meaning that chances of power outages are on the rise as well. While many weather-related power outages are repaired within a few hours, recent trends are showing that extended power impairments are becoming more frequent and longer in duration.

When the power goes down three types of households emerge:

1) The scramblers – Once the power goes down, scramblers will head out looking for Honda generators en masse, hoping to find the right generator for their needs before other scramblers locate them and buy them out.
2) The hunker-downers – Hunkering down during a winter storm may seem like a big adventure, at least for a while. As an outage continues, the reality of the situation can change the big adventure feeling to one of stress over not being able to run a home-based business, not having power for essential medical devices, and/or the safety of the family. Depending on how long the outage lasts and the severity of the weather, hunker-downers will either convert over to scrambler status or bundle up hoping that the lights come back on before they run out of candles and flashlight batteries.
3) Owners of Honda generators – When the power goes down, owners of Honda generators know that they will have the electricity they need to power their medical devices, appliances and potentially their entire home depending on the output capability of their generator.

Depending on household needs, backup power generation can be provided by either a portable or a standby generator. A portable generator will suffice if power needs are relatively light. A portable generator capable of 5kW of output will be able to power limited lighting, heating, and a refrigerator for approximately 8 hours before refueling is required.

Standby generators can meet higher power demands while providing additional conveniences. Standby Honda generators, for example, provide a number of output options, ranging from powering multiple rooms to the entire home. These generators offer the convenience of switching on within seconds of sensing the loss of primary power rather than requiring a manual start. Another convenience of standby generators is that many of them offer the option of being fueled from a home’s natural gas line, eliminating the need for refueling.

Winter is coming. To avoid scrambler and hunker-downer status, visit: for more information on Honda generators.


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