Snowblower Tips on Getting the Job Done Fast

The minutes you spend taking a little bit of preparation time before getting the snowblower out to clear a driveway, a path, or any area with snow buildup can be multiplied in savings of both time and effort. Follow these short steps to increase your efficiency, cut the time spent on the job, and lighten the workload:

* Read the owner’s manual before your first use – Taking a quick read will eliminate the need to stop in the middle of the job to hunt down the manual in case you run into something you’re not prepared for. It can also help to operate the machine in as safe a manner as possible.
* Throw your snow with the wind – Going with the wind instead of fighting it will ensure maximum throw distance and put the area that’s being cleared upwind from snow that has been removed.
* Look to find the best place to aim your snow – Do not shoot snow toward your house or other buildings due to the possibility of throwing rocks, ice, and/or other debris that could break windows or cause other damage. Open areas where snow can be piled evenly offer the best solution.
* Make a note of the location of potential obstacles – Exposed tree roots, decorative stones/rocks, above-ground sprinklers, etc. can all cause problems that can disrupt or slow down your snowblowing efforts. Knowing their locations can help you avoid them and the trouble they can cause.
* Plan a pattern that ensures that you will have to throw the snow only one time – Going over areas to remove already thrown snow can make for redundant work. Making adjustments for changes in wind direction and throw distances will save more time than plowing ahead as conditions change.
* Fuel your snow blower before you start the job – Stopping a job that is already in progress to refuel actually takes more time than fueling up before starting because snowblowers that have been in use should be allowed to cool down prior to filling up the tank.
* Start methodically and then build to a comfortable pace – Starting slowly can help to get a feel for the machine that will give you better control and performance. This is especially important if you are removing snow on hilly or sloping surfaces.

Taking the time to familiarize yourself with your snowblower and planning your snow removal process in advance can cut the time spent on the job drastically, a huge benefit whether the weather is nasty or you just have something better to do. For more information, visit:


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