Tips for Maximum Safety with Your Honda Snowblower

Honda snowblowers deliver all the benefits of easy snow removal with machines that are renowned the world over for their reliability and ruggedness. Still, as with any machine with moving parts, snowblowers need to be operated with caution and care to ensure maximum safety. Follow these safety tips to optimize the performance of your Honda snowblower and to maximize its safe use:

* Before taking your snowblower out for its first job, familiarize yourself with the owner’s manual – Operating your Honda snowblower at maximum performance and safety levels is only possible if you invest some time in learning the best practices and procedures for your machine.
* Do not wear loose fitting clothes while using snowblowers – Long scarves, open coats, belts, etc. can cause a major problem should they get tangled in the moving parts of a snowblower. Additionally, long hair should be tucked into a hat or inside your coat while operating a snowblower.
* Wear shoes or boots that provide steady traction – Solid footing will play major role in the control of your snowblower, particularly on uneven or sloped terrain.
* Remove as many obstacles as possible – Loose obstacles can jam the chute or become dangerous projectiles.
* Mark unmovable objects – As you become more familiar with the areas in which you remove snow these obstacles will become easier to avoid.
* If your snowblower chute gets clogged, turn off the snowblower before taking any action – With the motor running, successfully dislodging the clog with allow the machine’s parts to start moving again, a bad situation if your hand is still inside the chute. Instead, shut your snowblower down and wait until all moving parts have stopped. Use a stick or a short pole to remove the clog due to the possibility of sharp objects being hidden in the clog that’s jamming the chute.
* Keep people and pets away from your snowblower – This goes for the area where snow is being discharged as well due to the potential for rocks and other hard objects to rain down on the area.

Following these tips will ensure that you experience optimal performance from your Honda snowblower while operating at a maximum level of safety. For more information on Honda snowblowers, visit:


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