Honda Generators: A Power Output Guide

Making the right choice from the broad line of Honda generators starts with the determination of the appliances, equipment and devices that must continue to run in the event of a power outage. This list can include heaters, refrigerators, medical devices, lighting, home office equipment, etc. Once you have compiled your list, add the wattage necessary to run each item to define minimum level of power output that you require. What follows is a list of standard power output levels for both standby and portable generators as well as a “rule of thumb” guide showing how many items can be powered at each output level.

Portable generators:

• 5kW – 5kW will power a small core of survival appliances including a few lights, a refrigerator, and a furnace fan. This leaves approximately 600 watts to power a computer, radio, and/or a small television.
• 6.5kW – The extra 1.5kW provided at this level can power a portable electric heater or a coffee maker, in addition to powering your chosen survival appliances.

Standby generators

• 8kW – These medium output generators, in addition to powering your core appliances, can light and power two rooms that aren’t heavy in appliances. A home office running a desktop computer and other gear would be fine at this level as would a family room, for example.
• 10kW – At this output level, there is a possibility that you may forget about the blackout that has necessitated the use of your generator. This output level will power everything listed above as well as the kitchen, meaning that you can drink hot chocolate in the comfy confines of your home.
• 15kW – 15kW of output is enough to light and run a small home. For larger homes, this level makes the laundry room operational and can light up a couple bedrooms.
• 25 kW – At 25kW, the entirety of a medium-sized house can be powered along with air conditioning. At this point, you’re likely to be impervious to what is going on outside while being the envy of your neighbors as well.

To repeat, this is a rule of thumb guide. When buying your generator be sure to consult a professional to ensure that you’ll have enough power from your backup generator. For more information on Honda generators, visit:


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