Should You Trust the Grid This Winter?

Is it a risk to trust an aging electrical grid with the probability that the upcoming winter will not be as mild as last year? The answer to that question depends on a number of personal factors including:

• Do you rely on essential medical/life support devices that are powered by electricity?
• Would you have difficulty communicating with the outside world in the event of a blackout?
• Would a power outage combined with low temperatures, extreme heat levels, and/or severe weather put your well being at risk?
• Do you have a home-based business that would suffer during an extended blackout?
• Would a sudden blackout be costly in terms of lost work on computers that couldn’t be saved?
• Are you physically able to leave your home unassisted if electricity is not available?

If the answer to any of these questions is “yes”, then you are definitely taking risks by relying only on electricity from the grid. Fortunately, taking these risks off of the table is as easy as installing a backup power system from the long line of Honda Generators.

Portable generators, which can be used for multiple uses outside of backup power generation in winter, offer a perfect solution when minimal lighting and appliance usage will be enough to get through a grid failure. These generators have push button starting and can provide power for eight to ten hours before re-fueling.

Standby power generators, also known as whole-house generators, can turn an extended power outage into a non-event by switching on immediately using an uninterruptible power supply battery and running indefinitely if the generator draws natural gas from the home’s gas line. Normally, a standby generator will take fifteen to twenty seconds to switch on, which can put computer work at risk. An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) battery eliminates this short down time and allows computers, life support devices, and appliances in the home to operate on continuous power.

With the numerous choices in the long line of Honda generators, consumers can find a backup power provider to run the essential appliances, devices, and equipment they need during long blackouts. For more information, visit:


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