Preparing for Severe Weather

eu1000i_1Beyond buying one of the long line of Honda generators to cover your essential power needs in the event of severe weather and/or a power outage, you’ll want to take several additional steps to ensure the safety and well being of everyone in your household. These preparations should be customized around the specific Honda generator you have chosen as your backup power solution. For example, an emergency checklist that being built around one of the many Honda Portable Generators will be more extensive than one being prepared around a standby generator due to the difference in output capabilities.

The list of emergency steps and necessities includes:

• Bottled water – The rule of thumb for storing water for emergency purposes is one gallon per day for each person in the house. Be sure to have a several day supply of water as well as canned food, beef jerky and other items that can be stored for extended periods.
• Medical supplies including essential prescriptions – Keep a first aid kit that contains several days of any essential prescriptions. Be sure to rotate these prescriptions to keep them from expiring.
• Flashlights and batteries – These will be necessary to navigate dark areas of the home and outdoors, especially if you’re using a generator that isn’t powering the entire house.
• Foul weather gear – Having foul weather clothing and gear will allow you to get around outside to assess damage, communicate with neighbors, and perform other necessary tasks.
• Additional fuel for the generator – Unless your generator is tapped into a natural gas line that supplies the house, you’ll want to have extra fuel in the event of an extended outage.
• Extra chargers for cell phones – Depending on the situation, a cell phone may be the only communication device available. Having an extra charger that can be used in the home as well as one that that can draw power from a car battery can help to ensure that your cell phone has power.

Having backup power supplied by Honda Generators is the first line of defense against severe weather and power outages. Developing an emergency supply inventory can add extra layers of protection for you and your family. For more information on Honda generators, visit:


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