Inverter Generators: Buying Cheap versus Buying Smart

As one of the more recent and significant developments in generator technology, inverter generators are worth every penny for their fuel efficiency, low noise level, and overall value. As often happens, this development has been followed by a growing number of cheap imitations and knockoffs which will surely disappoint in both the short and the long run.

eu1000i_1The lower prices offered by these knockoffs are extremely tempting and are often accompanied by freebies such as wheel kits and electric starters (which are also cheap imitations). Despite this, stay away from these generators for the following reasons:

* Knocked off inverter generators have dismal fuel efficiency – Part of the temptation of knocked off inverter generators is that they look like those made by companies with great reputations like Honda and Generac. While they may look something like the real thing on the outside, they have none of the engineering that the quality generators have. Materials and workmanship will also be inferior. All of these aspects affect fuel efficiency but it’s hard to know that until the generator has been taken out of the store and has been running for a while.

* The imitation may need a power conditioner to stabilize output – Due to their shoddy construction, it may be necessary to add a power conditioner to stabilize/balance the power output. Without one, screens will flicker and appliances will run unevenly as power delivered from the generator fluctuates wildly.

* It’s going to be noisy – One of the benefits of inverter technology is that the generators run with less noise. Not so with the cheapies. The absence of noise suppressors could require purchasing them to make the unit quieter.

* The generator may not be UL approved – Electrical safety standards do not apply to the imitations. Flimsy breakers and faulty wiring are part of the territory which will shorten the life of the unit considerably. That is, of course, unless you want to pay for a complete overhaul and new wiring.

Finding these imitation inverter generators can be done through Ebay, online sellers, flea markets and anywhere else that the market for knockoffs thrives. The usual pitch for the cheap imitations compares wattage output to a reputable model with a much lower price tag. Let the buyer beware here, because after buying power conditioners, noise suppressors, additional fuel, and paying for repairs, that low price tag isn’t going to look low after awhile.

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One comment

  1. cody

    Thanks for the fresh perspective, most pages about generators leave out the inverter and the specifics of why it is better and what to look for in a good one. Thanks for these 4 points, I will definitely keep in mind when i’m looking for a generator! cheers 🙂

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