Commercial Applications for Standby Generators

The global nature of the online world means that internet retailers, auction sites, search engines, social media, banks and software companies have to be open for business all day, every day. With information from Forrester Research Inc. estimating that internet sales will exceed $250 billion by 2014, the risk of downtime caused by an electrical outage will continue to grow.

Due to this need for continuous uptime, internet businesses are increasingly turning to standby generators to provide protection against costly power failures and brief nuisance outages. As the US continues to consume more energy than ever before, a strained and dated electrical grid has reduced the reliability of electrical delivery. This uncertainty has resulted in the growth in popularity of standby generators for commercial use.

This issue and the increasing likelihood of blackouts, brownouts and outages have led to the conclusion by a growing number of online business owners that businesses must protect themselves when it comes to safeguarding their critical applications. Unfortunately, the alternative is being subjected to an increasingly unreliable and fluctuating energy supply as well as the risks of being shut down at any moment and at great expense due to an outage.

A telling survey out of the U.K. backed the sentiment that self reliance in terms of protecting a company’s power supply has become a necessity. In it, over 75 percent of those questioned in a recent survey claimed that standby generators were required to support their critical applications due to a power outage within the past 12 months.

The offering of an always on to power protection has become very compelling as standby generators enable firms to keep critical applications running around the clock.

As profits narrow across the economy, the need for businesses to protect their own power needs goes beyond just online businesses. While these businesses may not require 24/7 power, the costs of being shut down due to a power outage can become astronomical, especially in an extended outage. With that in mind, the investment in the protection provided by standby generators can provide huge returns, especially when potential losses are considered.


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