Selecting the Right Honda Generator for Your Needs

Selecting the right Honda generator for you needs starts with the determination of what types of appliances and/or equipment will need to be powered in situations where grid provided electricity is not available. These needs can range from recreational uses to the necessity of delivering electricity during extended power outages caused by extreme weather.

eu2000i_companion_1For recreational uses, portable Honda generators can provide plenty of power whether being used for outdoor events, camping, or for recreational vehicles. For these situations, Honda’s EU2000iA can deliver enough electricity for large power tools, microwaves, and kitchen appliances.

At the top end of power needs, “whole house” generators can power everything from medical equipment to home theater and everything in between. Powering an entire house may not be necessary, however, and the wide variety of Honda generators means that you get customize a solution to power exactly what you need to in the case of an outage or a blackout.

By defining the appliances and the circuits they are connected to, a minimum power requirement can be determined which can then assist in the selection of the right sized Honda generator. This list can start with anything from toasters to higher usage equipment but must include the following as these appliances typically use the greatest amount of power and will play the largest role in determining the generator that can provide the solution you will require.

These appliances include:

* Electric heaters
* Electric water heaters
* Air conditioners
* Refrigerators and freezers
* Medical equipment
* Electric dryers
* Well pumps
* Electric stoves

The power required by these appliances can then be totaled to see the type and size of generator that would be required. Also to be considered is whether there is a necessity for powering sensitive electronic equipment such as computers, printers, scanners, etc. If this type of equipment is going to be powered, selecting a Honda generator with inverter technology is advised due to level load of electricity which is delivered. Inverter technology uses microprocessors to deliver power to the exact level of demand which can greatly improve performance and drastically reduce the risk of computer crashes. Honda Inverter technology is a relatively new development in generators which has added a new level of performance for those that require precisely measured power delivery.


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