Deciding Between Single Stage and Two Stage Snowblowers

Making the right decision between single stage and two stage snowblowers can change the task of removing snow from difficult to easy, and maybe even fun. Regardless of the amount of snow your area may experience, the first priority for snow removal is usually clearing the driveway, walkways, and the sidewalk.

Here are a few factors which would favor single stage snowblowers:

* The determination for choosing between single and two stage snowblowers starts with the amount of snow which will typically need to be cleared from these areas. Single stage snowblowers, which are less powerful than two stage blowers, are ideal for areas that receive six inches or less with each snowfall.

hs520a_pe_imglg_2* Because single stage snowblowers come in contact with the ground, areas to be cleared should have hard surfaces such as asphalt, cement, brick, or wood.

* Single stage snowblowers also work well with drier and lighter snowfalls.

Two stage snowblowers would be called for under these circumstances:

* Two stage snowblowers carry much more power than their single stage brethren so if the area receives anything between six and twelve inches per snowfall, going with more powerful two stage snowblowers is the way to go.
* Clearing larger and wider areas calls for two stage snowblowers. The wider swath of a two stage blower will get the job done much faster than a narrower single stage.

* Two stage snowblowers are suitable for any surface including gravel and loose rocks.

* Two stage snowblowers are self propelled which makes them suitable for clearing wet and heavy snow on uneven or rough terrain.

Honda snowblowers deliver reliable and durable performance every time.


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