Honda Line of Water Pumps

wx10The Honda line of pumps continues to raise the raise the bar for the category commercial and residential pumps. Their WX10 pump is driven by the GX25 4-stroke ultra-compact engine and delivers pumping power at never before seen levels for a pump in the 1-inch bore class compact pump market. The four stroke pump meets and/or exceeds EPA and CARB emission level requirements and carries a two-year limited warranty for non-commercial use. Until the entrance of Honda’s WX10, the category was dominated by 2-stroke engines. The WX10 is quiet, featuring a state of the art muffler system covered entirely by heat shields for added safety. Engineering and design advances have resulted in a high powered pump which is as light in weight and as compact as competitive water pumps powered by 2-stroke engines. Additionally, the WX10 is fully functional when tilted at any angle, even upside down.

Honda’s products have become the professional’s pump of choice because of their legendary reliability, durability, and powerful performance for all types of jobs in every type of condition. The pumps are engineered to the highest standards in each category and deliver increased power over other pumps carrying the same weight and footprint. The line of Honda pumps are the professionals’ choice for jobs ranging from household size to the largest commercial projects. The main pump categories are:

* De –watering pumps –  lightweight, general purpose, and high pressure pumps.  These pumps can take on any sized job from draining a pool to heavy commercial use.

* Construction and Industrial Pumps – These commercial pumps can move solids and pump out up to 433 gallons per minute. Heavy concentrations of solids can be handled by low volume and Diaphragm pumps which can move waste, mud, and trash.

* Submersible Pumps – Honda’ submersible pumps can be employed in numerous ways including sump drainage, draining a flooded basement, seepage, and emptying swimming pools. These pumps are built with stainless steel and carry a discharge capacity of up to 150 gpm.

Honda water pumps have been preferred by professionals for their reliability, durability, and power for over twenty years. Those features are backed by comprehensive warranties lasting up to three years for residential, commercial, and rental use.


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