Honda Home and Garden Products From HarborPowerHouse offers everything you need for your lawn and garden needs. Designed and built to the highest standards possible, the full line of legendary Honda mowers, trimmers, and garden tillers will provide dependability and performance for years to come.

* Honda Lawnmowers: Built to commercial landscaping standards, Honda lawnmowers have been considered the leader in the field for decades for delivering durable, reliable, quiet, and fuel efficient performance. These features are the sum of the combination of the highest quality components with cutting edge design, resulting in machines which do the job while meeting the toughest emission regulations in the country.

* Honda Trimmers: Designing to the highest standards results in the convenience of easy starts and ease of use even for the tough jobs. These trimmers are gas powered with high fuel efficiency, eliminating the need for, and uncertainty of, gas and oil mixtures and reducing the cost of operation. State of the art design gives every trimmer an even feel of balance and low vibration, resulting in easy handling and predictable results.

* Honda Garden Tillers: The line of garden Honda tillers at can provide solutions for a full range of gardening needs, whether for a small garden or larger areas. The FG110 mini-tiller functions well as both a small garden tiller and as a tiller for larger projects as well. offers a mid-tine tiller and a rear-tine tiller for progressively larger projects. The rear-tine tiller, designed for larger home and commercial projects, is self propelled, providing an unparalleled ease of use experience. has the machinery you need to make your lawn and garden areas beautiful, with ease. Our Honda powered mowers, trimmers, and tillers can take much of the effort out of even the toughest gardening projects. With the reliability, durability, and the ease of working with Honda powered products, working in your lawn and garden might not seem like work at all.

Visit us online at: Honda Lawnmowers


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