The Honda eu2000ia generator is now available at HarborPowerHouse at less than half the price of the EU 1000i while delivering 1000 more watts., which carries a full line of Honda Generators, is currently highlighting the Honda Super Quiet series which has been designed to provide the highest quality in home backup generators. Currently the eu2000ia offers the best value in the series in terms of its rated wattage of 1600 watts versus the Eu10000iA’s 900 watts and its price relative to the EU1000i. At a weight of just over 46 pounds, the lightweight and long lasting eu2000i can operate for four hours continuously at its rated load or for fifteen hours at a quarter of its rated load.

The Honda Generator 2000iA Companion, designed to work in parallel with the Honda EU 2000iA, can provide supplemental power for use as an emergency home generator. For more information and technical specifications, visit eu2000i or call (877) 837 2648.


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