Emergency Home Generator

For many, a loss of electrical power is simply not an option. Whether related to medical needs, severe weather, or other needs for “always on” power, Honda Emergency Home Generators deliver the reliability and durability required for the peace of mind that comes with knowing that electrical power needs will always be met, regardless of the reason for, or length of a power outage.
Honda Emergency Home Generators are designed to become a permanent solution for standby power requirements for either the home or a small business. Depending on the specifications of each model, these generators can restore power during an outage in time frames ranging from a few seconds to a few minutes. For users requiring “always on” power, Honda has emergency home backup generators which come with an automatic transfer switch or push button starter which can start the generator and restore power within seconds of an outage.
These emergency home generators have the versatility of being able to deliver power for hours when running at full capacity or for extended periods when dedicated toward providing power for a specific room, appliance, or electrical device. With their connection to the main electrical panel for either a home or small business, Honda’s Emergency Home Generators can direct standby power toward a specific need or toward powering every aspect of a home or business.
The line of Honda Emergency Home Generators offers a full range of solutions for situations where losing power simply isn’t an option. These generators are also designed to fit into any budget with power output levels to meet any level of demand. For more information, please visit us at Honda Generators

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