Why You Need a Honda Backup Power Generator

The need for backup power generators is greater then ever. Each year, on average, between 3 and 4 million homes experience power outages, in large part due to severe weather. These outages, combined with increasing risk of outage from electrical power grids which get older and more stressed with each passing year, can be much more than an inconvenience. Depending on length and weather severity, an outage can be costly, dangerous, or life threatening.

There is, however, a solution which can eliminate this kind of risk; Honda Backup Power Generators. These generators are designed as permanent fixtures which can deliver standby power to either a home or small business, usually resuming power in less than a minute. These backup power generators, when set to deliver their maximum output, can run for hours on a single tank of fuel and can be gauged for longer power delivery run times at lower output levels.

Backup power generators are connected to the main electrical panel of the home or small business they’re intended to serve. This connection should always be done by a licensed electrician. Once it’s connected, a backup power generator can be started either manually or instantaneously if it has an automatic transfer switch. When switched on automatically, power can be restored to a home or small business within seconds.

The line of Honda backup power Generators delivers solutions for all standby power needs for either the home or a small business. For more information on the line of Honda generators, visit us at: Emergency Home Generators


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