Honda’s Super Quiet Generator Series

Honda’s Super Quiet Generator series is ideal for lighter demand requirements for both home and outdoor use. Advances in technology have made these Quiet Generators run with a purr that won’t disturb a natural setting or the neighbors. The Super Quiet series, which employs Honda’s patented Eco-Throttle technology, adjusts engine speeds for maximum efficiency depending on output requirements. This reduces fuel usage, engine noise, and noxious emissions. The Super Quiet Series includes:
* The Honda EU1000iA – This portable model carries the lightest load of the Honda generator line weighing in at 29 pounds. Its light weight and small tank make it a great option for outdoor and light duty home use. Despite their small size, Honda’s Eco-Throttle technology extends these generators run times to over eight hours at a one quarter load demand. The EU1000iA is the perfect solution for powering lights, televisions, low demand appliances, and small power tools.
* The Honda EU2000iA – These quiet generators are considered to be the best value in the series carrying a wattage rating of 1600 watts. Perfect for medium range power needs such as microwave ovens and larger power tools, these quiet generators definitely live up to Honda’s reputation for reliability and durability. The portable generator weighs in at 46 pounds and can run continuously for four hours at full capacity and 15 hours at one quarter load.
* The Honda EU2000iA Companion – Another member of the Super Quiet series, the companion is designed to run in parallel with the EU2000iA. This effectively doubles the power output, giving the pairing enough power to run large appliances, such as an air conditioner. The Companion is designed as an exact complement and delivers continuous run times which match those of the EU2000iA.
Honda’s reputation for reliability and durability continues with their technologically advanced quiet generators. For more information on the Super Quiet series, visit us at:  Honda Generators    

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